Interview for Linux administrator L3

Interview for Linux administrator L3

The Following Questions were asked in a Recent Interview for Linux Administrator (L3 Support).

  1. How to Create LVM
  2. Difference between Linux Partitions and Linux LVM partitions
  3. Why iS LVM used
  4. How to remove older duplicated RPMs automatically
  5. How to remove duplicate entry in yum install
  6. How to force yum update command to exclude certain Packages
  7. How to create a patch bundle in Linux
  8. How to create a repository with patch bundles
  9. what is firmware
  10. How to boot from a specific kernel
  11. How to update kernel
  12. How to create a local yum repo
  13. How to configure  Jumbo Frames to Boost Network Performance / Throughput
  14. What is MTU
  15. How Install Patch Repository without connection to Internet?
  16. What to do if /var filesystem in linux is completely full ?
  17. How to change Duplex and/or Auto-Negotiation NIC settings in Linux?
  18. How to check LAN card is full duplex or half speed
  19. How to Setup eth0 negotiated speed
  20. Explain /etc/hosts
  21. How can I recover my RedHat if it BOOTs to a “Kernel Panic” error
  22. What is the proper method to remove old kernels from a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system?
  23. How to  Add a Module (driver)
  24. How to List All Loaded Modules
  25. How to Remove a module
  26. What is the command to see number of modules installed on server
  27. How to blacklist kernel modules?
  28. How to  prevent a Linux kernel module from auto loading
  29. How do I set sysctl variables under  Linux?
  30. How do I re-register my system with Red Hat Network (RHN) Classic or Red Hat Network Satellite ?
  31. Why is  kernel upgrade needed in Linux
  32. How to set default boot kernel in Linux

 Additional Questions

  • How to find LUN ID.
  • How to find HBA Card details.
  • How to use port sets to make LUNs available on specific target ports.
  • Suppose you have updated Apache to latest version and it did not meet your requirement and is malfunctioning and you want to rollback to previous version of Apache, what steps would you follow.
  • What are the cause for a kernel panic and how would you troubleshoot a kernel panic.
  • Using tcpdump how will you check network traffic on port 21.
  • How will you configure a samba server for active directory.
  • How would you extend swap to 2GB more.
  • How to add rule to allow port 22 in iptables.
  • How do you change a filesystem in red hat Linux.
  • How will you test a samba configuration file (smb.conf)
  • How is kernel upgraded from repository and also explain how it can be accomplished using automation tools.


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