Brief Installation details of JBoss

Brief Installation details of JBoss

  1. wget

  2. Rename jboss-as-7.1.1.Final.tar.gz to jboss (# mv jboss-as-7.1.1.Final.tar.gz   jboss). and the folder structure looks like this. /home/app/jboss

  3. Copy the war file webapp.war to /home/app/jboss/standalone/deployments

  4.  To start jboss first remove nohup.out– /home/app/jboss/bin–rm nohup.out

  5. Start using following command–nohup sh ./ -b &

  6. To see the LOG– tail -f nohup.out

  7. After start we need to run the command at  /home/app/jboss/current/standalone/deployments:

  8.   rm webapp.war.dodedploy

  9.   touch webapp.war.dodeploy

  10. To see the Logs run–tail -f server.log at /home/app/jboss/standalone/log

  11. To kill JBOSS:- check the process id of jboss  with the command #PS -ef |grep jboss   or  #pgrep -f jboss

  12. kill -9 processID


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