Linux Admin Interview for the position code: 0000207092_1_001 at Capgemini

  • How to find LUN ID.
  • How to find HBA Card details.
  • How to use port sets to make LUNs available on specific target ports.
  • Suppose you have updated Apache to latest version and it did not meet your requirement and is malfunctioning and you want to rollback to previous version of Apache, what steps would you follow.
  • What are the cause for a kernel panic and how would you troubleshoot a kernel panic.
  • Using tcpdump how will you check network traffic on port 21.
  • How will you configure a samba server for active directory.
  • How would you extend swap to 2GB more.
  • How to add rule to allow port 22 in iptables.
  • How do you change a filesystem in red hat Linux.
  • How will you test a samba configuration file (smb.conf)
  • How is kernel upgraded from repository and also explain how it can be accomplished using automation tools.

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