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Linux Mini How tos in brief

How to Address the “User(s) With Blank Password” Vulnerability

Details of the Vulnerability THREAT: The user ((local service account) has blank password in the shadow file, which allows to connect to the system without entering a password. IMPACT: An attacker may connect to the system by knowing just the username. SOLUTION: Set a password for the user(local service account). ( Many companies security policy… Read More »

How to setup yum repository in centos

Yum Detailed configuration according to specific requirement: Introduction: YUM (Yellowdog Updater Modifier) is the package manager which contains the RPM package files for Linux. RPM package file is a Red Hat Package Manager file that enables easy software installation on Red Hat/CentOS Linux. YUM Repositories hold RPM package files and enable download and installation of… Read More »

Connecting to a Virtual Server on the Public Cloud

You have subscribed to a cloud service and build a Linux Virtual Machine (VM) from an existing image on the cloud …now you need to connect to your linux machine using a putty ( ssh client)…but most of the could providers provide a private key with the .pem extension  which putty cannot authenticate directly as… Read More »